And Republican Democrat it’s all the same damn thing, really. Anyone who has lived and worked in Washington DC and seen those systems up close totally gets how corrupt they are. If you really think you have a choice…if you really think Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is a choice that YOU get to make, boy are you ever deluded. The powers that be, who own that system, are going to make that choice. Here’s your problem, though, you always though the powers that be, we’re all for you. You thought being white and male made you special…well that was the narrative for a long time. Things have changed a bit…and the powers that be have decided that they have no more use for most of your ilk, no reason to treat you as if you are any more special than the rest of them. Because your understanding of globalization or even capitalism is limited, you don’t quite understand why you have been so discarded from what you erroneously believe is a position of power. Unless you’re a billionaire, you have no power, none, in the global economy. And you don’t matter, anymore than anyone else. Yet instead of wrapping your head around the new reality, you want to attack Blacks…and Mexicans…and women…and anyone who doesn’t look just like you…that is oh so twentieth century. These tactics will get you nowhere. However, if you understand what’s really going down, you can grow and change and make decisions based on what is best for you. Not make Donald Trump a true member of the billionnaire class, which is what he desperately desires, and is using the poor white middle/lower class to get there. Do you really think a man who makes millions a year just for acting a fool on TV wants to take on the most stressful job in the world for under 200k? Are you kidding me? Even if Trump wins, he’ll do nothing, but hand everything over to Mike Pence, who will do exactly what the powers that be want, and continue the Trump reality show called I’m president bitches…or some other such nonsense.

Trump wins, powers that be win and you lose if you are thinking that Trump will help you in anyway whatsoever. But Clinton won’t help either. Neither political party is in a position to help. If any of us really want change, we must help ourselves and that is exactly what BLM protesters are doing. Do you really want change? You’d better get a clue. It’s not coming from Washington, but it might come from you if you wake the hell up!!!!

Working with the Light!

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