And so few people are willing to admit this. Not all of it anyway. People seem to take comfort in blaming other people, people who they believe are different, but really are the same. Everyone wants the same thing: safety, security, a certain degree of opportunity, a certain degree of freedom, health and sanity. The one thing that we can take from this election is that some people will throw entire groups of people under various buses, if they believe this will result in their groups safety. Ironically, though, what this has resulted in is making us all less safe. Hatred and bigotry doesn’t stop at any one group. How could it? It is a totally irrational thought process.

Betrayal. Many groups of Americans are feeling entirely betrayed by their fellow Americans. This has the potential to lead to unprecedented levels of darkness. Those of us insisting on reason, sanity, compassion, dignity, decency and humanity bring the light. Those of us who can, must bring the light.

Working with the Light!

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