And technically the police are a form of “socialism” do you personally pay any one cop to protect your “property?”

And property is pointless without a system in place to defend it…these systems have ALWAYS been socialist in nature, as it takes A LOT of people to defend property.

Police are supported by communal funds, that’s socialism in a nutshell. So when you make these demands about your right to have property you are relying on socialist systems to protect that right. If we defund the police, (and police on a purely capitalist model) that system is privatized and you pay out of pocket when someone comes to your house and tells you to get out because they want it.

But what if you don’t have the resources to defend your property? Then you lose it. It is no longer yours…and because you couldn’t pay, someone took the right to your property.

Our socialist system of policing prevents this (for now). But my point is you are bashing socialist systems that permit you to enjoy the property you *think* you have a *right* to.

Without these socialist systems you so despise, you have no inherent right to any property. Might makes right. Thugs will bash your head in and take what they please, unless you have the resources to defend against. It’s always socialist systems that create these defenses.

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