And that’s all American politics is…and that’s by Design. Emotion = Energy. The magic (the black magic) is in using these systems to harvest huge amounts of human energy to power self-serving and corrupt agendas. All the politicians do that, whether they are aware of it or not.

Have you ever worked for a politician? They are black holes of endless requests for time, money basically energy…they love people who will literally lay down their lives for them. People who will spend all their time, all their money, all of ther emotional intelligence (energy) cleverly, and often blindly, advocating for them.

This always felt so disingenuous to me…EVERY politician has flaws…And yet supporters have to pretend their candidate has none. In short, Politicians require worship.

If they win…they MAY share some spoils with those undyingly loyal supporters, but a lot of these people (if they are good, and pure of heart) walk away with absolutely nothing. A platitude an empty thank you. It’s the scheming plotting, corrupt mfers who get the appointments and the political favors…cause they demand them.

Politics is just (yet another) sick American invention of human exploitation and corruption. I saw through American advertising at age 5, and I saw through American politics at age 19, the first time I participated…by supporting a candidate I kinda liked (Carol Mosley Braun the first female African-American Senator.) working her campaign was everything I described above…and I didn’t even get a thank you. Additionally, I was told everything I did for her, I had to also do for Clinton, whom I did not want to support. It’s like slave labor…they brainwash your into thinking you have to do all these things for them FOR FREE…and if you’re naive (which I was) or stupid (if you do this more than one time) you will do this, even though, it doesn’t feel right…and it changes nothing….sigh…this is America.

Working with the Light!

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