And the sanctity of human life has been disregarded for millennia- going back to the Romans- who most Europeans love to refer back to with regard to the origin of slavery. Yes Romans had slaves and gladiators and engaged in all sorts of sick and depraved shenanigans. I’m not sure why people want to site this, as if it some sort of justification for the brutality and inhumanity of American slavery. But clearly, two or several wrongs do not make anything right.

Most Americans of European descent do not want to acknowledge the horror and brutality of American slavery, which can be traced back to their own feudal system. What white Americans have done to black Americans, the Europeans have done to their own people for centuries. Just look at ethnic relations between the British, Irish and Scottish. It’s the same brutality, different time. So the Irish and Scottish, having been subjected to that oppression for centuries, run over here to escape and become even worse oppressors to black Americans l, than the British were to them. It’s so bad, that when a famous bi-racial athlete, refuses to sing the National Anthem, a song which in its original version, boasts gleefully about killing slaves, these white Americans become enrage and insist that he is unpatriotic. To be a patriot in America, therefore, it logically follows, is to be thrilled about a system that began boasting about your death and destruction, if you happen to be a black American. This is what many white, and black and other, are demanding that black Americans do, when they criticize much of what is occurring in the series of protests labeled BLM. I really think, that people need to stop demanding that Black Americans not acknowledge centuries of oppression that is our history and continues to this very day. The oppression has changed forms, but it still exists. The question I pose to you is, why is it so threatening for you? Why are you so upset about black Americans coming to terms with their oppression in America? What do you think you have to lose, from them doing this? Obviously you believe you are losing something, or you wouldn’t be on Medium posting FBI stats which, so many others of your perspective are posting…to people who are absolutely never in a million years going to give any energy or attention to these tiny, tiny statistics, which are such a small subatomic particle in a much, much, much bigger picture. You are completely ignoring that bigger picture. This is going to completely invalidate anything that you are saying to most people you hope to reach. If you truly want to help your fellow Americans, (with regard to this latest round of divide and conquer tactics, that incite violence and pit people against one another), you have to be slow to judge and try to see the much bigger picture. Hopefully, you won’t fall for the intellectual conartistry that divide and conquer tactics represent, but judging from the content of your post, it seems that you will.

This is not a simple problem that will go away because you post some random FBI statistics- that are highly compromised in any event. Law enforcement has been brutalizing black bodies for profit for centuries- in fact brutalizing slaves is how law enforcement began in this country. The first police were slave catchers and overseers, hired to keep slaves under control. Law enforcement began out of this dark history and continues in this present vein to this day. These are facts that are historically accurate, but rarely discussed by mainstream media, and certainly not people coming from your perspective. What are you afraid of? The truth? Why? Do you think it’s going to go anywhere just because you refuse to acknowledge it? It’s not. Especially not now.

The UN just issued a report that African-Americans are due all sorts of economic reparations due to all of the economic harm that slavery has caused us. Why do you think that is? I think about things very critically and I have to say, I don’t know. I will say this though, what we are all seeing, with BLM and many other kinds of movements going on in the world today, is that people are tired of the relentless oppression that exists in most of the world and no people are not backing down or away from any of it. So you can site your stats for all its worth, spitting in the wind.

Working with the Light!

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