And this is exactly what they all sound like, and this is the reasoning of a three to five year old. How does an entire administration, have the reasoning capabilities of (at best) a five year old?

And I am sorry, even people in abusive relationships are smart enough to figure out that, even though they may choose to tolerate their abusive partners narcissistic, manipulate shenanigans, everyone in the entire world will NOT. So I don’t know what in the hell the Trump administration is thinking! Alternative facts, really? Only idiots would fall for that, and true, there are plenty of them, but most of them are not inside the media or Washington DC establishment; and the fact that Trump thinks he is going to run this particular mind frack on this particular constituency is hysterical. The man, nor his administration, seems to have any idea how this particular beast works, and watching them wrestle with it is pure comedy. Spicer and Conway are more entertaining than the three stooges, and there is only the two of them.

I look at this administration’s attempt to roll out that dysfunctional insanity, to make the entire world, Trump’s beleaguered, battered spouse — and think to myself, that they are out of their collective minds.

We’re not all going to accept and applaud “alternative facts” and tip-toe around, Trump’s massively fragile ego. To be sure, some will. Those accustomed to engaging in such dynamics, sure…but there are 300 million of us watching this freak show, surely they can’t hope to gas light us all, can they?

And it’s like, Trump, you idiot! You have massively elaborate cons to run. That should be his primary corrupt focus. To steal as much wealth from the American people in the various global Trump university Ponzi schemes that he has devised — and get even richer, very quick through unprecedented corruption. That was the only reason he ever went after the job in the first place.

But he can’t even focus on that, because his massive ego insists upon obsessing over the reality that a lot of people don’t like him; and then getting his people to blatantly lie for him, and present “alternative facts” from the delusional alternative universe that he presides over.

And it’s so utterly irrational that I think the man might be truly delusional -early stage Alzheimers…or something.

Because even abusers know that everyone doesn’t fall for their bs. Trying to force alternative facts down everyone’s throats is sure to lead to backlash…and it has.

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