And this is lost in all the banter about it. A review of what Trump actually said, actually makes no sense at all…it’s stream of consciousness randomly strewn together words and ideas. He actually didn’t advise anyone to drink Lysol or lay out in the sun…he subjected everyone to his nonsensical inner dialogue (that everyone has) but most don’t share out loud or in public, cause internal censors. Internal censors tell us, hey don’t say those not fully formed thoughts out loud. They make no sense.

It’s really ridiculous for any of us to pretend that they do. It’s absurd for any of us to try to make meaning of this word salad. We just can’t admit: Trump’s not well. We either have to accuse him of saying incredibly dangerous things like Drink Bleach (Dems and no he didn’t say that) or we have to laugh it off, and claim it was a joke, a ruse to agitate the liberal media (Pubs).

When more deeply questioned about it, Trump said it was neither. He said it was his job to bring the “talent” (which I assume was him) and propose cures to end this thing.

This response suggest a break (and a deep one) from reality.

It suggests that Trump really believes he is still on a version of the apprentice…and that he is the “Talent” and that there are producers of this “show” who can just put a nice lil bow on this whole Coronavirus thing and magically end it.

Clearly, the President is just, not well…but instead of admitting that we break off into one or two camps whereby we accuse him of giving out advice that would kill people (he didn’t) or joking around with reporters he dislikes (no he didn’t do that either.)

What he did do isn’t even being addressed. What is wrong with us? Why are we doing this? Why are we completely ignoring the obvious? Are we too afraid to admit what’s up with Trump? Our political structures in general? Something is not right, ya gotta admit.

This just keeps getting weirder and weirder…

Working with the Light!

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