And this is so bizarre, if you think about it. I actually think that this is causing the fabric of reality as we know it to disintegrate, which is to say the virtual is blending into the real and vice versa, which is why this idea that we are already living in a simulated reality is so compelling to so many right now.

It’s funny virtual reality has always bored me. I can’t get into any of these virtual worlds but so much before I find them so boring and limiting. I do not enjoy virtual reality…and now I am finding myself feeling that same way about “real” reality. For me, virtual and actual reality have hit a limit of some sort- there is not another single thing that I want to buy, or taste or see or laugh at, or be appalled by or cringe at or cower in fear over- it’s like ENOUGH.

There has to be something else. Something more real than all this insanity cascading all around us in the form of disorganized chaotic digital information. That’s what I am looking for.

Working with the Light!

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