And this…just racist…just wildly racist. To be fair, being the President of the US extraordinarily difficult job, you gotta be brilliant to even make it that far…unless, you are George W. then you can ride coattails. And that’s not antipub, because the Dad, he was pretty decent, gets none of the credit he deserves cause he wasn’t a charming con artist like a Clinton (the man) or a Trump. Just an old boring (and probably slightly diabolical) ex-CIA operative doing what the job required, and it was not pretty. Slick Willy knocked him right out the box. Charisma is a mfer…

Obama took office after Clinton wrecked the economy and Bush did nothing to correct that, so no. He wasn’t the worst. Not by a longshot.

He was in my opinion, (and that’s all it is) one of the best. But he will never get the credit because the country went from bad to worse on his watch. Not his fault though. It was inevitable.

But I’m guessing, because he’s black, (and you’re probably in the Klan — faceless icon is the 21st century way to wear a hood, right?) you gotta say that Obama’s an idiot and a monkey too. That’s the party line. You know it’s real tired right? Even y’all don’t believe that noise anymore and spout it out of sheer desperation, clinging desperately to the idea that you are better, just gotta be better, than Obama, because you’re white!

Well…Let me really rattle your cage…what if I told you, that’s just not true? What if I told you, that being white, doesn’t just automatically make you better than anyone else?

And furthermore, what if I told you that people who have most of the power in the world, people like the Trumps for example, don’t really believe that? Which is why Ivanka Trump is kicking it hard with the Chinese and her very brown millionaire Goldman Sachs buddy Dina Powell? What would you do with that knowledge? Rethink your position maybe? I doubt it.

Keep on thinking those 19th and 20th century thoughts. It worked so well for the dinosaurs. Oops, it didn’t. They are all dead.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!