AND THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!! Because it is DANGEROUS. Because there are about 30 million Black Americans (not a large number considering the total American population, but still a lot of people.) A tremendous amount of diversity, some able to stand up and speak out, many not. Everybody ain’t, every black person cannot be, a Black Lives Matter activists — and even if you are courageous enough to be one — like always, in just trying to stand up for Black Lives, you put more Black Lives at risk- because so many white people are so ignorant! Because so many ignorant, ignorant white people make the assumption that EVERY black person is a BLM activists. And then they will attack ALL Black people.

AND THIS divides Black People- especially North/ South and Urban/Country.

Urban will riot…because urban can. But those Charlottesville blacks know what they hell they are up against! And they weren’t going to make any waves, do it PISSED ME THE HELL OFF. all these closed minded white people hollerng and crying about Antifa and BLM, like they were such a huge presence and were causing so much trouble. I can’t speak to Antifa — but BLM? LIARS!!

Working with the Light!

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