And this too, humans are hierarchal and intelligent, which leads to an innate tendency toward self-destruction. Which was my point all along…the monolithic “white” that America is not going to make it, (so many problems there) neither is the monolithic “Black”(also so many problems, mainly constant oppression from the elite AND the average white population.)

The swirlies (I’m a swirly, Barrack Obama is a swirly, Megyn Marlee is a swirly) got the future, for now…but that’s not going to last long in THIS paradigm.

Humans have to evolve, and shift the paradigm, or face extinction. This paradigm is a dead end.

But…if you want to believe otherwise, and believe “whites” are gonna save the day, have at it.

If you are American and white, I know the white supremacy mythology is very tempting…but if I were white (and I partly am) I’d want to know the truth.

Truly, every race, every brand of human that you can think of, has built a civilization, has been at helm for a time. Our first records of civilization goes back 10,000 years to Summaria, or modern day IRaq. And that civilization lasted far longer than any of the European ones on record. And Greece was super weird, and Rome got awfully corrupt, near the end, sickeningly so. Sound familiar?

The hierarchical civilization thing, is getting tired. Time for something new.

Peace to you Goddess.

Working with the Light!

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