And uh, that’s still happening, even in the USA, (or maybe especially). See there is this little thing, called “externalities” which capitalists don’t ever, ever, ever want to really discuss or deal with. Externalities are the cost of doing business that capitalists do not think they should pay for. Dump all kinds of pollutants in the water? That’s an externality. Who pays the costs of cleaning that water — not that capitalist. Who pays the cost of the astronomical cancer medical bills of the people who get sick from drinking polluted water? Not the capitalist. Who pays for the so called -bottled and filtered “clean water” that people want to drink to avoid cancer? Not the capitalist!

Nope. All these costs get pushed out onto some poor unsuspecting other — and if accounted for would make capitalism expensive as all hell. But, when you can push these costs out on to other people with no consequences and make your self super rich doing so, there is zero incentive- ZERO not to treat people and environmental resources like toilet paper.

Working with the Light!

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