And what exactly is “Satanism?” I just read a book, Positive Magic, that cites Satanism as a response to the deeply corrupt, deeply oppressive Catholic Regime over in Europe…and it makes perfect sense…if you look at how deeply GANGSTA the pedophilic Catholic Church has been for the past 2000 years.

Satanist were just honest…”we want to be evil and dark and occultist, just like them FUCKERS at the top of the Catholic Church!”

Oh God the hypocrisy. Did you know the Catholic Church had an army? That it used to beat down and oppress and torture anybody who wasn’t down with their evil and corruption? The fucking crusades…please. Like Jesus said, before you take the splinter out of the Satanists eyes take the goddamn log out of the Catholic Churches.

The very top of that institution is rank and stank and DEEP into the occult, with all of its weird occult symbols all over that secretive Vatican that no one has complete access to …who knows what the hell they been sacrificing at various alters all this time. Nasty….they are some dark, evil, nasty mfers up in that so called “church” and satanist are poor man pretenders of their shit.

Let the truth be known. Stop with all the bullshit. Satanism ain’t “left.”

And I’m offended because in this country “left” Basically means anyone who reads, writes, thinks for themselves and rejects all the dumb bullshit that mainstream media tries to ram down idiotic throats. Left means anyone who refuses to be terrified by nonstop propaganda Fox News pushes all day every day, because we actually know how to THINK, about a “caravan of migrants” and what they might be doing coming for the US Border…and reject that it’s to simply terrorize American citizens BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO THINK.

Which is a good thing, as it’s the nonthinkers who are always getting assfucked with no vasoline, and accept that its good for them. “You’re just getting a colonoscopy.”

No you’re getting fucked In your ass until it’s raw and bloody, and yes I’m outrageously left because I’m NOT THAT STUPID that I want that shot to happen to ME! Stay away from my ass!! And all my private parts! Keep away!

But conservatives can’t manage that can they? Always wanna be deep up in someone’s ass or even worse their vajajay- RAPING…and yeah the “left” feels some kinda way about it. Don’t wanna know how I feel though- try me.

But I bet that “so called coven” feels some kinda way about it too.

Satanism is OLD, straight outta mid evil Europe…and directly related to Catholicism…in all its corrupt, stank nasty, grimy pedaphilia.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!