And what is that exactly? Do tell? What choice did he make that you see as one so extreme that he is denying his gender? He is being “something most other men do not want to be.” Really? He seems like a decent and moral person. Is that something that- in your humble opinion “most other men do not want to be?”

I think you should speak for yourself. Maybe you don’t want to be decent and moral or whatever the qualities that you think the author has that you find problematic, but I don’t think you should be throwing that out on to all men. I know plenty of men who can and have expressed opinions such as these. What differentiates these men from others? From what I have observed higher confidence and intelligence levels.

Generally, it’s an insecure person, of any gender, that feels the need to attack someone for expressing an opinion.

I am genuinely curious as to what has caused you to have this extreme response to this post. Is it the tone of the piece? Obviously, it’s meant to be inflammatory — but that’s just artistic license. He is trying to prove a point.

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