And who can blame them really. Much of our foreign policy has much of the world wary of us, if not out right hating us. And our foreign policies don’t make much sense, when you look at what Americans and the rest of the world are told about them. I mean why do we support Israel? What’s that all about? No one has ever provided an answer to me that makes any logical sense. Because Jews — really violent and extreme Jews- want to live in this holy place? Right. Cause extreme violence is so holy. Nah. That’s not really what all the conflict is about. It just doesn’t make any sense.

So it’s got to be about resources — access to oil, I guess. But right about now, Israel is a country behaving recklessly and badly. It doesn’t bode well for them or the rest of the world. I’m someone who never paid much attention to this particular conflict because it has always seemed so far away and so bizarre. And yet, social media changes things. So many upsetting images from that part of the world. I’ve started to investigate and I’m morally disgusted, by all of the insane, bizarre violence coming out of the region and all of the insane, bizarre justifications for it.

We should all be concerned that we have such a powerful nation that seems to be, quite honestly, sick. If Israel were a person, we would call him a psychopath — and since all those Muslim nations are having to constantly kowtow to an American made psychopath, yeah it makes sense that there is going to be some resentment.

And don’t give me that, not supporting Israel is anti-Semitic. That’s a crock. I don’t believe this conflict has anything to do with Judaism or anti-semitism. There are plenty of perfectly normal, nonviolent Jews over here, who don’t steal their neighbors homes and kill everyone in their family in the process. If that behavior is a function of Judaism then Jews need to really consider what their religion is all about.

I don’t think the conflict is a religious one at all. I think it’s a greed problem. Well maybe that’s too simple. But the religion is being used as a facade for all of these extremist and violent groups; and they have all become so extreme and so violent- it doesn’t seem like there is any end in sight, until everyone and everything is dead.

The extreme behavior of all those in the Abrahamic religions are at best, morally compromised and at worst psychopathic and diabolical. I agree with you that there just doesn’t seem to be any peaceful end insight with these three religions duking it out. And isn’t it ironic, that it’s the major world religions that are so senselessly and pervasively destructive? How anyone believes in any of that stuff is beyond me.


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