And why is Russia doing this? Because extreme people, on both sides, are crazy!!!! What better way to undermine an entire nation by getting it to destroy itself from within, by empowering all the crazies! Again many historic examples of this.

Russia is amping up all the crazies everywhere, in order to destabilize these nations, and that is the news that would should be spreading. Stop the Russian crazy-making! But Trump plays the crazy-making game very well, as many extraordinarily power hungry people do. Trumo is no Republican, Trump is a power hungry egomaniac, who is attempting to use the Republican Party for his own purposes, while they attempt to use him…and since neither of these establishments gives a damn about the American people, the people are truly SOL, and to add insult to injury we got all these crazy extreme nutter butters, online, in the real world, making everything exponentially worse!

Working with the Light!

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