And yet…a paragraph later you speak to how all black people are extremely racist. Every race group had thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of subcultures, and so it’s true that generalizations about race are only so useful.

But when racism is baked into a culture as White/black racism is in America, a lot of broad statements can be accurately made. Most people in the industrial prison complex are people of color, especially men. That’s a broad statement. Do you dispute it?

It’s accurate. You’re not going to dispute it but what you are going to do is attempt to justify why this is. Most blacks are criminals. They absolutely deserve to be there. Am I right? That’s exactly the way your mental gears are clicking right now, I bet, because some white minds, and I am guessing yours is one of them, work like clockwork in the ways that they attempt to justify institutionalized racism.

It’s not true however. In law school, in criminal law, we discuss how the criminal justice system is and has always been deeply biased against black defendants. This has been studied multiple times, the harsher longer sentences given to black defendants, the indictments on far less evidence, the total lack of evidence for many of the crimes, the DNA proof that blacks convicted WERE NOT at the scene of the crime.

There is ample evidence of institutionalized racism everywhere. But you will ignore all of it, and go back to your justification loop where you feel most comfortable.

Please save it. I had to listen to these idiotic conversations from whites for the past 30 years- and when you have them, you get this really solemn and sincere look in your eyes, and you really think you’re saying something unique and important.

“Hey listen! The police have to brutally beat and sometimes kill people like Rodney King, because, because, because…”

Yeah. You got your reasons. I just don’t wanna hear anymore of them. You won’t convince me of a damn thing except your implicit bias, that blinds you such that engagement in reasoned conversation, about this issue is pointless. It would be disingenuous of me to pretend that we can even try to have one.

I’ve done this loop, too many times. Not doing it anymore.


Working with the Light!

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