And you are an expert on both I presume? I know I am (quite the expert on racism) because I am black in America. And yes every single white person who fails to acknowledge the horrorific injustice THAT WE HAVE ALL SEEN on video and in stereo for the past 20 some years — beginning with Rodney King- is racist, racist, racist and not the only regular “I have a black friend” racist — but extremely, extraordinarily “I wish all the blacks would die” racist!

Like how the Nazis wished all the Jews would die? Just like that?

Now there is nothing “casual” about any of this to me. This could only be “casual” to some arrogant asshole who doesn’t have to constantly see images of someone who looks like his mother, his sister, his brother, his uncle, his dad, brutally beaten and killed on TV over and over and over and over again. It could only not be a problem for someone who doesn’t have to live with the ramifications of that.

No, there is nothing “casual” to me, about any of this shit. And only the most arrogant of assholes could assume that there is anything “casual” about any of this. When the f@ck will people like you stop with the insult to injury?

Working with the Light!

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