And you know this because you are a psychiatrist? Or are you practicing medicine without a license…is that a felony or a misdemeanor?

At any rate, I know a little about both practices, medicine and law…and even with a license, you cannot medically diagnose anyone with anything officially unless you have met them, (in person) and had a conversation. (Which you clearly have not.) Also it’s illegal to impersonate a doctor.

And yet, you speak with such authority! As if you are qualified to make thorough assessments (via social media) of my mental health!

Well by all means, Dr. Medium, Pull out your DVSM and tell me exactly which mental illness, I am showing “increasing” signs of. I’ll take the free medical advice, especially considering how the Pubs are butchering the health care system. Awfully generous of you.

One more question…You got your M.D. where exactly?

I’m almost certain no where, as a real doctor wouldn’t dare behave so unprofessionally.

And yet, you are so confident in your incoherent ramblings! I wonder where you got this particular behavior from…is there a celebrity…a famous politician maybe… who does the exact same thing?

The Trump virus! It’s contagious!

Meanwhile more damaging stories about your guy keep breaking every hour on the hour. Go heckle some real journalists…let them know how crazy they are.

Working with the Light!

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