And…you seem to be looking forward to that. And see this is the problem with the whole system, which is so sick…you just want war. You just want a fight. You just want someone you can goad and attack and stir and throw shit at. And if not you personally, millions who play this STUPID game every four years.

It’s about harvesting human energy…for sick and nefarious purposes. And it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the well being of people, you may as well sign up to be the human sacrifice to the Gods. All this political bullshit is a modern version of that sick and twisted bullshit.

There will be blood, right? At this latest election? There will be blood. And the blood lusty love pubs that. The Dems love to play the sacrificial lamb, that escapes the lion every now and again.

This shit is old. It is dying. People are fucking tired of this bullshit.

Working with the Light!

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