And you would be right. But honestly, Trumo brought this on himself. Who didn’t see this coming? He picked a fight with the FBI and CIA. He was woefully unprepared, though not underfunded. I saw this coming, due to nothing more than Trump’s incompetence. That Washington D.C. Machine is a beast! An organism of it’s own. You either go with it, or get devoured by it. Seemingly the latter is happening to Trump and this was entirely predictable. I couldn’t see it going down any other way.

The American people suffer from the delusion that we elect a president to act on our behalf. That hasn’t been true for many years, if it ever was. All of our Presidents, simply pretend to act on our behalf. Trump is a horrible pretender, so now he’s being disgraced and driven insane.

His supporters are extremely upset as they think, he was really going to improve things. He wasn’t.

Working with the Light!

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