Are all of these covers real? Extremely creative! But some are so far out there…it’s hard for me to believe they are even real. But I guess they are as real as Trump, and given Trump, I guess the covers are pretty accurate.

Ever since Trump has been in office it has been non-stop, “this crazy thing happened, then this crazy thing happened, then this far more insane thing happened, and then, OMG-our-democracy-has-been-totally-compromised, thing-happened, which was before the OMG-we-are-all-going-to-die thing happened, but that was right after the will-there-be-an-earth-left-when-this administration-is-done-with-it? thing happened, and both were before the can-you believe-this-administration-has-been-infiltrated-by Nazi’s-and-Klansman? thing happened.

The events of the Trump administration are so over-the-top, LSD, mind-bendingly surreal and unreal, it’s amazing that these artists can come up with covers at all.

So, as I wonder about the reality of the covers, I also wonder about the reality of Trump.

Is this for real? And how come more of us aren’t questioning not only the insanity, but actually unreality of this Administration? Trump isn’t simply “dividing America” — he’s breaking reality — and not just for America, for the entire world.

I think reality is officially broken, now. Here’s why.

We all used to live in a reality where we all at least pretended to believe hating and killing people was wrong. Now? Not so much.

We all used to live in a reality where we at least pretended to believe that the earth was a resource that we needed to live, and needed to provide to our children. Now? Not so much.

We all used to live in a reality where we at least pretended that children where the future (remember the song), that they should have chances, opportunities, education, food, healthcare, hope. Now? Not so much.

Any sane, commonsense life-sustaining, life-affirming practice that most people (except for the sociopaths and psychopaths) generally believed in are now being questioned. Who should head up the FDA? Why someone who will put poison in all our food and drugs, so Big Pharm can continue to roll in those 300% profit expansions! Who should head up the Department of Interior? Someone who will shut down all of the National Parks and destroy them, by giving them over to Big Oil, of course!

Those are just a few examples…I could go one. Department of Ed? Someone who wants to nuke the public schools, certainly!

This is a broken reality. One where we destroy everything that was remotely good about America, where half of us insist (blindly) that this is making America great, while fighting bitterly against the other half who resist and insist this isn’t working.

And…I haven’t even begun to touch on what’s going on in the rest of the world. (So American of me, I know.)

This new broken reality feels like Trump opened a hellsmouth and let all the demons out to cause havoc. It’s seriously a real life horror show.

But hey, when AI, tells it’s progeny about those mythical, extinct, self-destructive humans — they will be plenty of magazine covers explaining how it all went down.

Working with the Light!

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