Are you kidding me? He’s a business man! The kind that runs all his own sweat shops overseas, paying a Mexican seamstress $2 a day to make 20 plus ties that he will sell for $70 bucks a piece. They are flip sides of the same coin and its the reason, their face off is so ferocious. Before this election, they were friends! They ran around in the exact same circles! But while she’s a real sophisticated sort trickster, your skillful politician, he’s really brash and in your face about it. He lies to your face, I’m going to bring the jobs back, make America great again, while AT THE TIME OF ELECTION, he’s running all of his own operations in Taiwan, Bangladesh, Mexico — putting money in no Americans pockets except his own! Are you kidding me? Yeah Hillary writes horrible trade policies, FOR PEOPLE LIKE DONALD TRUMP.

He benefits from all the global trade policies, his American workers are protesting low wages at the Trump towers as we speak, he’s probably poisoning some huge water source somewhere with tons of pollution being dumped into it! He is not some sort of savior for the every man…not even the every white man. When David letterman pointed out how all of Trump’s products were made overseas to Trump — Trump’s response? A gleeful smirk! A smirk that said, for all the world to see, Yeah I sure have fooled all these idiots thinking I’m going to do a damn thing for them. They’re so stupid, even when this famous comedian points my outrageous hypocrisy out on national TV, I just smirk and bask in my supporters stupidity. They'll still adore me.

At least Hillary pivots, some times she patronizes, but she doesn’t smirk. This is a nice comprehensive list of Hillary’s flaws. She hides them well, and despite the alt-rights attempt to blow them up into the sort of scandals that the media adores, they can’t. She’s far to clever than to brag about grabbing anyone by the anything.

But here is the one good thing about Trump, he is giving the establishment a run for its money! And it is funny! He’d be so much more of a hero if he weren’t going about it in such a truly deplorable and dangerous way.

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