Are you not entertained? (Cue the gladiator entrances or exits.)

All of this reeks a little too much of entertainment. For all we know this just may be the greatest show on earth. Here’s the backstage dialogue:

The American Empire has to go down. To many people there, most of them white, but a lot of brown people too, want things no one else in the world has, like freedom, financial security, jobs, living wages?!?! How ridiculous! A free public education system and affordable healthcare?!?!?! They’re getting more insistent about these things! We need a distraction! Oh, I know, I know…get those sad sap Republican puppets in here…democrats too. I’ve got an idea! It’s going to be huge! Yuge, I tell you! It’s a two birds with one stone kinda play! This will completely destroy their system! And it will keep them so bitterly divided and distracted, those Americans won’t know what hit em!

See we’ve been breaking the system down the slow way, with politicians and the obtuse games they play with their back an forth legislation, stagnation and undercover backroom deals. Enough of that. Let’s just put a real crook in charge. One with charisma. One that spits, and fights dirty, holds no punches and knows nothing about their system…except how to play it, and play them.

In one term, he’ll destroy the Congress and the Supreme Court. Because you see what America needs, to bring it down a peg, or two, is a real dictator. America needs to know what its like to have a president who will send the gestapo to snatch you up out of your bed in the middle of the night, cut your tongue out and shoot you in the head, when you dare to speak out these so called rights. Enough of these rights! We’ve got to get rid of them! So this is what we’ll do, we will put on the greatest show on earth!

Everyone will get to play a part in the show on America’s demise. But, no matter what they do, they can’t win. They can’t address any of the issues about what’s going on in America and the world, because they’ll be too busy fighting among themselves: white v. Nonwhite, men v. Women, phobes v. Lgbtqs, Christians v. Muslims (which is pretty funny since it’s pretty much the same religion), dems v pubs — its really easy getting those to factions to attack one another over absolutely nothing, so if we throw a wild card in, to attack both, we’ll bring the whole system down. We’ll do to America what it has done to so many other countries, in the name of freedom and democracy, but really always about the money. It’s poetic justice, though, because America will do it to itself.

So that’s where this is at. When the system came crashing down in 2008, I being the realist that I am, had no great hopes about Barack Obama, but I felt like he could hold things together…via his sheer intellect, he could prevent the system from descending into total chaos. And he did.

But now we’re there. The system is descending and we are watching what may very well be the greatest show on earth. The death of a nation. We only have 8 Supreme Court Justices. This amazing economic rebound, seems purely mythical to so many. There are all manner of canaries. Trump is a fire breathing dragon and Hillary Clinton is no Khaleesi.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!