As a civil rights attorney who can be verified as such, I’m here to tell ya, I’ve trained cops, I’ve investigated cops and most of the information is 100% accurate. I prepared “diversity” and “sensitivity” training for the Northern Virginia Police Academy. I know how cops get trained. He’s dead on about their training. We need so much light on this broken system. Here is my take on it: The Inhumanity of Sergeant Pepper Spray.

As for their unofficial culture -it is rapey and racist. I’ve seen that via IA investigations into sexual assault. The culture is also quite racist internally. Black cops are treated like second class citizens among their ranks.

If any journalist want to talk to me I’ll be happy to share all that I know about the internal workings of this culture. I totally co-sign much of what this dude has to say. Whoever he is, (or she) he knows his shit.

Working with the Light!

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