As an obsessed GoT watcher, I must admit, this is 😭 hysterical. If you’re on the outside looking in, you would have to think we are all totally nuts. It’s a TV show for God sakes! What in the hell is the matter with us?

Here’s the thing…even though it’s set in the Middle Ages, (and it’s a fantasy) it’s an awful lot like our world today. Very dark and unstable politically and environmentally (and basically that’s what “winter is coming” means.)

It’s kinda like climate change and its effects (Hurricane Harvey) is coming for us, but just like most GoT characters, we don’t really care. We’d much rather fight amongst ourselves about silly things. (But not Jon…that’s why he’s so special.)

The dragons, get compared to nukes a lot, so when you hear dragons, think of Kim Jung Un, riding one. They keep trying to play Khaleesi, like she is crazy, just like they keep trying to play Kim Jung Un like he is crazy. They ain’t crazy. They just don’t want to be destroyed. There’s a good chance in both worlds, the dragon thing doesn’t end well, just like our nukes.

Trump often gets compared to Joffrey…just watch one clip of Joffrey being Joffrey…and you’ll totally get it.

In fact, the Trumps, are a lot like the Lannisters except, their words should be “A Trump never pays their debts!” Unlike the Lannister reverse. The Lannisters don’t really pay their debts either, but they totally brainwash everyone into thinking they do.

Speaking of Lannisters, let’s talk about Cersei. I don’t hear this often, but someone compared Hillary Clinton to Cersei, made it case for it, and I was like, “I buy it!” I think older Cersei, can be compared to Hillary Clinton. Younger Cersei, so Ivanka.

I think they’re trying to do some Jesus Christ thing with Jon Snow, (incest and all.) I don’t entirely get it, but hey it’s working.

As for the red wedding…man. Nothing really comparable in our world (that we know of.) I’m sure plenty of political actors on the world stage have been red weddinged, but it was a private affair, so we didn’t see it, like we did on the Thrones.

Actually, Pablo Escobar pulled a red wedding…so basically its something only a psychopath would do.

But people think that’s debatable…and I guess that’s why people love the Thrones. There’s a lot of darkness. Also some light. This results in a lot of gray. A lot of gray makes for amazing storytelling and it’s also pretty close to reality.

Every character does terrible, terrible things…they think for the right reasons…or just to power trip.

Your workplace is so GoT, I bet. And that’s why people love it. They love to talk about the world they inhabit, without having to actually talk about it.

Working with the Light!

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