As far as evidence goes, there is enough of it, certainly using the preponderance of the evidence standard, to say this guy is not a good fit for the Supreme Court! Now we have two of them on it — two men who most women are going to have deep concerns about it.

Put the shoe on the other foot, suppose Bader Ginsburg or Soto-Mayer had allegations hanging over them that they had poisoned men such that their penises shriveled up and fell off…no hard core proof, but you had those allegations and well eunuchs…would you want them on the Supreme Court? I think not.

These Justices are supposed to be above reproach, those Thomas and Kavanaugh are not. Neither should have made it, and if this one does every single woman on the country should be extremely alarmed….the Justices Trump is appointing are really capable of pulling some Hand Maiden’s Tale shit. It is very, very disturbing legally. No doubt about it. Civil Rights are under DEEP attack with this administration- and the attack is not limited to women, in fact just about everyone is under attack, except for the incredibly wealthy.

Working with the Light!

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