As far as I know, the challenge part was written by everyday people, and is not Chopra affiliated.

After completing the challenge, I decided to rewrite the activity part (I’m not quite finished yet) and to integrate other types of meditation techniques I’ve encountered (the Jose Silva method for example -using visualization to improve manifestation).

I am a student of many different types of meditation, and I’m using Chopra for the abundance challenge, because it came to me, (virally) and I found it really useful.

Initially, I used most of the activities that came through the viral challenge, so I don’t know who originally wrote them; but I am re-writing them, to incorporate other spiritual teachers and their guidances.

I like Chopra’s meditations because, he’s really easy to meditate to. If you have never meditated before in your life, his guided meditations show you how to do it.

With that said, his guided meditations are the basic, bare bones of meditation; and without more spiritual work, they might not stick, beyond the 10 to 15 minutes it takes to do it.

The point of meditation (for me) is to connect to the higher self. That (for me) took a lot of practice with different types of meditation and other spiritual principles.

I hope I have answered your questions and, I hope you will connect with my revised activities, (when I post them).

I’ve spent a lot of time, considering how to make these activities integrate with one another and integrate important spiritual principles.

Thanks for the interest!

🙏 Namaste

Working with the Light!

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