A rejection of “American Values” and what are those values exactly? There is the spin version…freedom, liberty, truth, justice for all…and then the reality greed, corruption and entire nation built on the deaths and bloody backs of African and native people who, oh golly wow lets just pretend they were never here so we don’t have to deal with the real truth of their outright slaughter. The American values are not what they appear to be….exposure, exposure, exposure…pedaphilia rings with deep connections to the British crown and the Catholic Church….where is the spin for that? The jig is up. Eyes are open. The corruption is deep, dark and old…you can no longer white wash all this stuff with talk of “values” family or other. You know what good values are? Not stealing, raping and enslaving people. Not raping kids. Not creating criminal justice systems where rapists, even child rapists, get nothing more than a hand smack if they are white (but a death sentence if they are black); and yet nonviolent drug users are tossed into that meat-grinder, get their minds shredded and often come out as mindless zombies or worse criminal psychopaths. No one who reads and thinks — and that’s almost everyone today due to social media — buys the narrative that America is one Cleaver family values love fest — where everyone can have a good job and a nice house if they just work hard and color in the lines and stay in their place…if that America ever existed for anyone…it was only on TV…and it didn’t even exist there. Enough. We just don’t buy it. America is and has always been, racist, sexist, criminal minded and corrupt. This is no big secret. JFK’s father was a bootlegger. Tammany Hall. The Atlantic slave trade ( but stealing hundreds of millions of Africans just doesn’t count as doing anything particularly wrong in your book, I’m guessing.) Whatever. Just no. Your narrative is obsolete and blatantly false. Replete with lies. There is no going back. It is all being exposed for all to see…greed, corruption, violence against people of color, violence against women, violence against the earth. Stop trying to hide it, lie about it, cover it up. It is too late. Just stop. You have to face the truth and the consequences. It is time.

Working with the Light!

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