As someone who has conducted and overseen internal investigations, I can tell you that this is typical. These kinds of investigations are a catch 22 for the institution, (especially a school) because what they don’t want, more than anything, is liability or a lawsuit, and yet most schools do not have the sorts of policies and procedures that would help them to avoid all that.

As a result…they…move…very…slowly.

What were the initial allegations? (Someone should have told you.) Did the reporting party remain confidential? (Which may be his/her right depending on what the allegations were.)

All the parties, (reporting and responding) have certain rights. If you are solely an employee, your rights maybe limited, but if you are in a Union and have a Union rep, probably not. The Union Rep is probably your best bet for the cliff notes version of your rights, but reading the actual union contract that you are under is the best way to be sure all your rights are being respected. Good luck!


Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!