As they should. I’ve always thought the monument thing, the name on buildings thing was ridiculous. It’s a power trip and an ego trip, and very little else…(see how important I am! You will have to remember me when I’m gone!)

Except I don’t. I honestly never learned or knew a damn thing about any of these people there are confederate monuments of; but now, since they are in the spotlight and I DO KNOW, the truth about them, I’m all for taking a wrecking ball to these statues heads and calling for mass public urination on the monument remains. These were horrible people!!!! Really horrible people!

Maybe the colonizers were too, I don’t know. If horrorific things come to light about them, then hell yeah tear the damn statues down.

How about we stop putting anyone on pedestals? Because it’s stupid. Because everyone is fucked up in some way; and because absolutely we can’t all agree on who deserves to be memorialized forever on a pedestal. It was always a dumb, dumb, dumb, someone is on a serious ego trip and power trip idea.

And where are the women on pedestals? Answer me that? Few and far between. Have women not done anything worthy of being memorialized by statues?

Of course we have! All day, every day, but we get them rarely.

A species that degrades and ignores half of its population-has got some issues, and these statues are part of that problem…these are statues of men, who more often than not, lied, stole, cheated, fucked, pillaged, raped and warred their way to so called “Glory.”

Enough of applauding that sick psychopathic ego trip.

Fuck all the damn statues. And if everyone is so concerned about “history” they can always read a damn book!

Working with the Light!

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