As you write this, the censorship here in America has been dialed up to China. You had better not question any mainstream narrative, or else!

Any thoughts about how to deal with that? Writing anything that goes against certain party lines on certain subjects will result in swift and ferocious oppression of your Twitter account, Medium account, (and they’re connected of course) your YouTube account…and Facebook? Please! You’d better show up doing your Stepford wife best with Zuck.

Absolutely, no independent thought permitted on the Facebook platform! Just smile! Wave nicely. Do not think!

At this point I’m seriously suspicious of how it is that you are even allowed to post anything.

Much of what you post is strictly forbidden for most people. Your ideas (if expressed by the average Joe) are censored from all the above platforms, and quickly.

And so now, I’m wondering (yes I’m paranoid) if the purpose of allowing you to remain uncensored is to see who is awake, and then to censor those people, so that awakening is thwarted. I would argue that there is definitely a great deal of effort being put into isolating and disenfranchising billions of people.

Recently, 300k took to Twitter tweeting or retweeting about it, a certain politician and the p word.

Twitter shut that down. Twitter shut me down for merely mentioning the activity…And I suppose this post will some how be censored, as well.

So I say all of that to say this, certain topics are no longer tolerated on social media. They are heavily censored. Count yourself lucky that you are not censored. But you have to wonder (at least I wonder) why you have been given this pass.

Also, there are some topics that even you dare not touch. Have you been warned? Or have you just realized, as I have realized, certain topics result in deep censoring? So just don’t touch them!

It is what it is, I suppose. But when I respond to your posts, my Medium stats get lower and lower and lower…isn’t that interesting.

Working with the Light!

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