At NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) where Dr. Biden teaches, she is BELOVED!

I worked at NOVA for ten years as an adjunct, and my masters in English did not cut it, in terms of me ranking for a full-time position there. I say all of that to say this…in academia, they take those degrees, and their whole academic culture very, very seriously. And there are probably more Harvard degreed professors at NOVA, than at Harvard. The lower the Ed, the snobbier the Institution is about those advanced degrees, and the method of obtaining them.

In order for Dr. Biden to have risen as high as she did, to carry the clout she does (irrespective of her husband-nobody really cared about that man! At NOVA she is who she is in her own right!) she had to pay DUES! TRUST…I worked that system for 10 years, paid hulluv dues, but could not break in!

Sooooooo, I went back to practicing law. Yeah I’m a lawyer!!!!!

I have a Masters in English AND a law degree. Still wasn’t good enough for NOVA!

And so…this obnoxious prick needs to keep Dr. Biden’s name out of his mouth! She has paid her dues and worked a system where the bar is 1000 feet higher than it is in most places…and yet people keep reaching for it, cause these community colleges are some of the best places in earth to be. A really well kept secret in this idiotic America, but our community colleges attract people from all over the world. Every country on the globe has been represented at NOVA…and being a teacher…interacting with all of that? Well…there are no words. Teaching at NOVA was one of the riches experiences of my life.

Dr. Biden is one of the reasons that experience was so rich! She is a big time mover and shaker within that system (and it’s a huge, five campus, highly complex system. ) I wonder if the idiot even knew that.

She has more academic clout in her pinkie fingernail, than this fool has in his entire house…if he owns one…ijs.

Working with the Light!

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