At this point, I just want people to be really real. Stop with the whole troop thing and National Anthem thing and all that other BS…if you have a problem with Colin K.s protest, it’s because you hate black people. You just do. Be bold enough to own it and stop hiding behind stuff like flags and songs and other crap that you think is going to make it okay for you to hate black people. The fragility is unreal! Initially when people started talking to me about “white fragility” I was annoyed. I was thinking here’s another bizarre concept I don’t really want to learn or think about or talk about — but then it’s reactions like this and articles like this that really drive the concept home! Really racist white people?!????? Really????? Reallly! So let me get this straight, black people in America are supposed to watch other black people get beaten, shot, maimed, tortured, hog-tied, put on leashes, mysteriously end up dead and on and on and on, at the hands of certain police — and our response is supposed to be nothing. We are supposed to act like that’s a normal thing and oh we’re so thrilled it’s open season on us. GTFOH. I’m proud of Colin K and I had no idea who this guy even was prior to this drama. (I don’t even know how to spell his last name and so I’m not even trying.) But I think he’s brave, courageous, intelligent and just generally awesome. It’s only the greatest that stand up for meaningful convictions — and this is no big controversy — that he refuses to stand and sing the utterly ridiculous song that brags about killing slaves — the big controversy is how many incredibly racist white people in America who think they have the right to still treat African-Americans as if they were slaves! Unbelievable! YOU DO NOT OWN THIS MAN. You have no right to demand that he does exactly as you please. He has rights under the first amendment- if you are so damn patriotic how come you are so he’ll bent on taking his basic rights away? White fragility indeed! “Black people are breathing and it’s making me uncomfortable! Colin K is sitting and I want him to stand, now! Police! Please come and kill Colin K!” Ugh! Disgraceful.

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