Awwwww! Well thank you for reading and thank you for your very astute observations! And yes, I think you are absolutely right about why we write and respond, it is an effort to make the world a better place one thought, one idea at a time. Lately, that has begun to feel quite futile for me.

And, yet, this is how the universe works, when you feel like giving up, someone comes along and says something absolutely awesome to you! Like you have to me! And you think, well maybe it’s not all going to hell in a hand basket after all!

I have been struggling so deeply with how to move forward in a world where so many want to see fear and hate as the way to meet all the challenges facing us, in this nation and in this world. Can I even make a difference? Or are these battles ones that I am destined to lose? And it’s people like you, thoughts like yours, that help me see it differently. I really needed this and appreciate your comments deeply!


Working with the Light!

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