Awwwwww. You’re so naive, it’s almost adorable. Let me tell you why I’m saying this. (It’s a compliment, really.) As a civil rights attorney, who understands systemic racism (and sexism) and how it functions, I’m also well aware that most Americans have no idea. Black Americans understand a little bit because they are the victims of it, but White Americans largely understand none of it…and don’t care to. There are very good reasons why, and the biggest one is that many see TREMENDOUS BENEFITS in maintaining it.

Your town is chock full of these kinds of white people, and they will be very reluctant to abandon white supremacy. It is the hand that feeds them (or so they think, they drank that koolaid). They will not bite it.

But the issue has suddenly become one of humanity. For whatever the reason, just overnight while people largely are refusing to deny or suppress their humanity. It’s an amazing thing to witness!

But be careful! White people like you are being viciously attacked by other white people who love the status quo of white supremacy. You are naive because you don’t understand how powerful this is in the psyches of the white people of your town. If you understood this, their silence would not surprise you.

But good on you for speaking out, getting your feelings about it down. Respect your humanity, it is precious. Sell your soul for no one!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!