Back with Putin style disinformation! I know it’s a Russian thang, but check it out — us Americans are totally getting hip to it!

Here is how Russian disinformation/communication techniques work: you lie, you evade, you distort facts and then you blatantly lie again. You also just make stuff up! You also accuse people of doing exactly what YOU are doing!

Obama wire-tapped my phone!!! It happened! It did!

No evidence to back this up. Everyone looking at Trump like he’s a loon, and yet he persists. He’s not Putin, and neither are you.

We do reside in a country where there are actual checks and balances on truth. You can’t just make up anything here. Lies have to be a bit more sophisticated that that to fly.

Trump has given all of us a crash course on Russian Disinformation tactics. It’s crazy-making for sure! Especially in America where you can’t just kill the journalists you don’t like or agree with. Everything you stand for is so much easier to defend in an environment where people can be killed for dissenting opinions.

After two months of being bombarded with such disinformation tactics, I totally get why you post the things you post, and that it will never, ever, ever stop. You give Trump and all the Trumpsters a run for the money!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!