Because as you pointed out, politics is a cult. She decided to engage the cult. She (and I guess in order to do her job) she had to engage the far left, that was scary…so understandably that drive her to the center. Closer to the right, they say, “come talk to us.” Hey she’s a reasonable person, so she does it. The left attacks her more viciously and the right can say, “see we told you they were crazy.”

But it’s all bullshit, because what she did before wasn’t political. She allowed political assholes from both sides to hijack her shit, for their own purposes.

She should have ignored them all and just kept doing what she was doing. She says she’s all about public health. She needed to just stick to that. All the political assholes ruined her brand. And that’s a shame, cause it was a good one.

Someone on the far right called her a satanic blood sacrificing demon…the politics are totally crazy. She should have never entertained that shit.

Working with the Light!

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