Because I brag about killing liberals? Nope.

Not co-signing and loving hate, is not “hateful.” I told the truth about Texas. When the truth shows how ugly something is, people want to attack that truth. Because you want to make those ugly things pretty, and okay.

They are not. I’m not hateful, nor was I ever “polluting” Texas. (Are you kidding me right now?) Bragging about killing people who have different political views is psychopathic. You are not well if you need to do this. You are hateful. To threaten to kill anyone is a hateful thing to do.

Normally, I’d not respond to a crazy comment, but the blatant lying, the satanic twisting everything around, just all the sick crazy shit people want to pass off as truth…that’s my button.

What I said about Texas WAS TRUE. Therefore, not hateful, BUT TRUE. Why does me telling the TRUTH send YOU into attack mode?

Would you rather I LIE about Texas? It’s a really peaceful place! No one owns a gun there! No one needs to! Everyone just loves everyone else!

That’s not Texas. If you like Texas, you gotta love the truth about it. You love violence and extremely sick and oppressive racism and extremely sick and oppressive sexism and idiocy. You love that stuff, if you love Texas.

Stand in your truth…stop running from it. What other sick things do you love? If you can’t stand in your truth, then you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve Texas if you can’t except it, embrace it, and defend it as is.

Of course no sane human would want to do that. No sane human can effectively do that. So you attack me instead.

Go watch your football, while holding your Trump rosary. Keep praying to all those lesser Gods.

Working with the Light!

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