Because it’s masochistic not to want to be spiritually dead inside? Nope. He’s the one who loves himself, you are the one who doesn’t. You believe the only way you can matter, is for black lives not to matter. It is a sad, sick, and twisted understanding of life, and what really matters. It is an understanding of life that is based in fear and lies.

This man stands in centuries of truth…and you rush in with lies and fear to silence him. It’s not working. Too much light on the planet. Too many are awake.

Instead of judging people like him, you might take some time to work on you. Try to figure out when did you start suffocating your own soul and why? Who told you the only way for you to have value is if others do not? Do you remember how your soul died a little bit each time you listened to that sick shit? Or did you even forget that you had a light within you? Think about if you want to get it back…or if you choose hate and hell and the denial of the light within. It’s your choice. It always ever was and is.

Working with the Light!

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