Because recognition means work, acknowledging there is a status quo that needs to be changed, and most White people absolutely do not want to do that.

And why would they? Most white people, have a deep and long history of being disadvantaged themselves. All whites ARE NOT, I repeat ARE NOT, created equal.

Classism has kicked most white peoples asses for most of European history. The Lord and Lady thing is REAL. Most whites, were peasants and serfs over in Europe, which is why none of them want to go home. I mean if they hate multicultural America so much, why don’t they just go back to Europe?

Europe wasn’t so great for most American whites, that’s why. Coming to America gave most Europeans economic opportunities, they could have never received in their various homelands.

They got a little reprieve in America for the last 200 years, and they don’t want to even think about giving that up. They want to be at least one rung up on the ladder, even if they’re only lording over people of color through an artificial divide and conquer system developed by the crooked elite illuminati types.

But sorry white people, it’s true that the elite illuminati types are changing the rules of the game. The Chinese and Indian middle class is now double the size of all of America, with probably triple the money. For a whole lot of reasons, totally unrelated to anything that is actually going on in America, the whole white privilege thing is breaking down here, because American privilege is breaking down globally and Trump is expediting that breakdown, ready to pimp the country out to Russia, for his own personal and financial gain.

Soooo, it doesn’t matter if white people acknowledge it or not, the truth is they are losing it, they know it in their gut, and they need someone to blame, so it’s gonna be the blacks, Mexicans and Muslims.

Of course that’s pure fiction, but they don’t care. These lies some how give them comfort and keep them feeling safe, as does the Fox News addiction…which unfortunately like all addictions just lead to death.

Now the truth, is far more threatening, as the truth comes with the realization that they are currently in the fight of their lives against an enemy they cannot see and don’t quite understand.

The truth is far too vast for small minds to grapple with, but hating people of color for all white whoas? That’s some pea-brained activity that pea brains can handle — and apparently there are lots of pea-brained people. Trump has all of them right where he wants and needs them, getting richer everyday, siphoning off the last of their ever dwindling resources.

Working with the Light!

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