Because there are an extraordinarily complicated number of reasons why any number of immigrants are here and why they are undocumented. A lot of undocumented immigrants are brought here purposefully, to produce slave labor for example huge agricultural companies that bring us — all of us- the food we eat. Which is not to say, that these companies should be permitted to do that, but it is to say that a great deal of the time, the people brought her illegally are not at fault. They believed they were being brought here legally and would be provided with a good and decent job, and actually none of that is the case. Many of these people are being moved and manipulated by ruthless criminals who never get caught and never STOP what they are doing, because they are no consequences FOR THEM. The people who move people illegally are manipulating a vast ecosystem, that makes them money at the expense of people’s lives. It is inhuman and the ultimate in cowardice to punish these people and not the real criminals who move and sell these people — for everything from sex, moving drugs (that’s a big one) to picking cotton.

But these people are the victims and the product. They are not the criminals, not the real dangerous ones anyway.

All these comments about why illegals shouldn’t be here, are like people who don’t understand basic arithmetic trying to solve calculus problems. They don’t begin to understand the complexities of immigration. They don’t begin to understand, for example, that if we really want to stop the ferocious and brutal organized crime rings that run out of these Latin American countries, we need the assistance of immigrants who have been used as slaves and brought in illegally by these nefarious forces.

But no. By all means let’s burn all the bridges. Treat these people horrorifically, and give them a reason to despise us, and give these ruthless and criminal forces even more power and energy to operate with. Lets help the organized criminals to build a slave workforce to run gun, sex and drugs all over America! Lets do that! If you are on board with what’s happening to undocumented immigrants, that’s exactly what you are doing.

How do I know all of this stuff? Because I actually live in an area with large numbers of undocumented immigrants and large amounts of organized crime gang activity.

I want the gangs to stop snatching up young girls and selling them into slavery. All this deportation stuff is not helping. It is making the work more difficult. It is giving the gangs and criminals even more power to do what they do…so thanks, everyone in favor of these antics, for empowering the worst of the worst, (who are seemingly clever enough to never get caught, or deported and when they do end up right back her) as the expense of the least powerful among us.

These ICE antics are not going to make are immigration problems better, they are just going to make them MUCH WORSE. And all because people are too silly and simple to realize what a complicated problem it is.

So be pleased that you are destroying America quickly, with your anti-immigrant hysteria, that empowers those illegal immigrants who you should fear the most.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!