Because they were not there. JUST STOP LYING.

I live in Virginia and you not gonna see no BLM protestors here because Virginia is the SOUTH. The blacks here are Southern, which is to say they don’t do protests, because they ALREADY KNOW how racist and corrupt southern justice is and marching down the streets like freaking lunatic s will get killed while BLACK in the South.

So STOP LYING about BLM protestors!

There were only a handful of black people in Charlottesville, mostly students at UVA, which is to say they them kids GOT MONEY- as anyone who goes to UVA must.

It’s a very affluent school in a very affluent town, and it’s about 90% white. That was white on white crime. The klans and the Nazis harassing other whites -as they are prone to do- when other whites disagree with them. As for Antifa, maybe, don’t know much about them, but to me, it looked like a bunch of metheaded loser white men, descending on a predominantly white college town, harassing the residents who live there -far from perfect, quite racist in their own way, BUT NOT THAT WAY.

They need to stay out of our commonwealth, like the Governor said — KEEP OUT.

If you ain’t paying these through the roof taxes, you need to stay in whatever backwater, disorganized f@cked up state you coming from with that crazy bullsh@t.

Go back to Texas, Missouri, Alabama and Kentucky with that insanity. Don’t bring it her and don’t be dragging the black people who live here into it with your blatant lies.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!