Best explanation yet, of what the hell is going on! A lot of craziness! Definitely not just one player, but several, all crooks, plundering America for all it’s worth. John Hopkins you gotta check this out. I think Mike has articulated exactly what’s going on in America now, domestically and internationally. He sees the vision, we’re going global, and to that end, they (whoever they are) are breaking America down, to build a global power structure indifferent to most American citizens, (and clearly the rest of the world population.) problem is only a few of us grasp that, most are hanging on to the old paradigm, thinking we still have a country that gives a damn about any of us, and that are votes, our democracy still means a damn thing. I think the rest of the world is laughing at us, aren’t they? Like those stupid Americans…still think they got some rights. Well we’re not going down without a fight…but it still looks like we’re losing anyway. Congress hasn’t done a damn thing in 8 years!!! And nothing has changed…in fact it’s only gotten worse.

Working with the Light!

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