Both political parties are corrupt as all hell, so none of this is surprising. But no one is right, and no Trump has not been vindicated of a damn thing. Neither have his hoard of corrupt chronies who went down for all kinds of criminal antics…fleecing whoever they could for untold millions and billions, riding the coattails of Trump hype. It’s sad that it’s CLEAR that Trump and his crew are GUILTY OF THAT and more! Yet, THAT gets completely IGNORED, by the establishment. Same thing with the Clintons. Same thing with the Bushes. Maybe the Obamas. Being black, only so much stealing the Obamas could get away with.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re blue or red…there’s really no difference…they put on a show where they pretend there are differences between the parties…there’s just one agenda…destroy the democracy. Don’t allow the people to ever get what they want…it’s been 20 years now…of fake democracy. We all know exactly what we want…and yet never seem to get it. Universal Healthcare, affordable housing and food, decent education, a good, clean, safe environment…and yet…we get 30 million dollars worth of spin and smoke and mirrors.

No one needed to do a 30 million investigation to know we got countless crooks in politics…but we did it, and now we do know that, for sure. This is no ones victory. We can clearly see how corrupt politicians are, and how they won’t be held accountable for all the dirt they do. None of them. No one should be cheering this, or feeling like they’ve won anything. The everyday people in the world all over, are losing (or have already lost) everything.

North Carolina is losing acres and acres of farmland to rising oceans, Midwestern farmlands are flooded, California’s are burnt…what are we going to eat?!?!?!???! That’s what Americans need to be spending 30 million on, solutions to these problems.

But instead, people want to say, “I told you so!” About a bunch of crooks and liars? I’m sorry but I’m completely uninterested in “vindication” for crooks and liars. There is no vindication for these afflictions.

Anyone who believed this report was going to solve anything, was being ridiculous. Now the report going to cause people to further entrench in ridiculous positions. “My liar is the greatest most awesome liar and crook there is! No! Mine is!”

And…it makes me wonder WTF is REALLY going on. We have no idea. I think an invisible global hand is behindDonald Trump, is being keptin place for the purpose of completely destroying any semblance of democracy America once had.

So many democratic institutions are being completely destroyed…all the way down to the local level. The rule of law is being completely disregarded almost everywhere now, due process is a joke, the first Amendment? What’s that…says Isreal…a country that now gets to tell Americans what they can think, say and buy.

And…don’t be a real journalist…Saudi Arabia already sent that warning shot out, for Trump. They wanted to help him out, in his war on the Fourth Estate…showed him how to send a message, for real.

But…it doesn’t really matter, because the news IS fake. Corporations tell journalists what to say, and dictators murder them for saying it. No one is “winning” a damn thing in this world.

The tyrants of the world are constantly in our President’s ear telling him what to do and what they need in return. Cool how that Trump hooked up Nethanyahu, right? Crooked dictators gotta have each other’s backs, especially when the people attempt to hold them accountable for their crimes. Pesky journalists reporting on the crimes…must die, even if they are just doing their corporate overlords bidding.

There is no “vindication” for the Trumps, the Putins the Netanyahus or murdering Saudi Princes of the world…and it’s just sad that anyone would think so. We have seen so much wrong exposed on so many levels…and no…we didn’t need a 30 million report for any of this.

Working with the Light!

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