But also don’t believe the hype. A lot of the protests are peaceful and nonviolent- the media never covers that because that doesn’t sell. What most decent people find appalling however, is an excessive use of police force against peaceful protesters ala Sergeant Pepperspray, which was scrubbed from the Internet to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars because UC Berkeley, didn’t want the hardcore evidence of how its own police force wantonly assaulted its students, who pay thousands in tuition, all over the Internet.

It’s also very difficult to find any coverage on the Standing Rock water protectors. There largely peaceful protest surrounding clean water issues- has been met with extraordinary violence- and yet THEY are criminalizes for protesting peacefully while being assaulted. None of this gets covered in mainstream media. You have to look for this information in the corners of the internet. People pass clips of what is going on through IMs on Facebook because the images get scrubbed from the profile pages.

I say all of that to say this, it is almost impossible to tell what is really happening because so many games are being played with media and alternative media. Everyone has an angle and everyone is lying about something, these days.

Working with the Light!

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