But hasn’t he already? (Refused to go?) Anyone else facing this much resistance and outright incompetence (no one wants to work for the man!) would just go back to their private rich life already, that had to be so much easier than what he’s dealing with now.

He has refused to go already, as there is an astounding amount of evidence pointing to just a complete and total inability to work the Washington machine.

It’s a really complicated game…like a Rubix cube. (Remember those?) Every move, requires another, which then throws off something else entirely unaccounted for.

Playing the game requires a great deal of foresight and strategy…Trump doesn’t do that…he does FORCE. That’s it. His only strategy is a hammer. He will smash the pieces of the cube that don’t respond as he dictates.

But…the cube is surprisingly resilient. He’s roughed it up a bit…no real damage…until now.

In a way, for the first time, I kinda admire Trump…for actually attempting to do somethings that actually will appease and maybe even benefit his base.

Of course they are stupid things. He’s almost like a caveman grunting: “me get you wall!”

But his highly motivated, extraordinarily fearful base believes (wrongly) that this is something that will keep them safe.

It’s really a metaphor if you think about it. The wall represents a thing that can keep the big scary international world out. It can keep everything the same as it ever was. We just close it off, shut it out, and go back to the way things used to be. Such simplistic (almost childlike) thinking. But it has been making it he rounds in conservative circles for years.

To the extent that it can alleviate profound anxieties in these circles, by fighting for the wall, Trump is actually doing something for the people who would cut off a limb (maybe even two or more) to assist him. Like seriously…these people are crazy for Trump…seeing him as a minor or deity of sorts, putting Trump in the exact same category as Jesus Christ (like how is that even possible?)

They can justify it…and even make it sound like a rationale and sane belief…Trump is fighting for them…he’s fighting for us all! He is taking on pure evil, for me and YOU! Just like Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, did…all these years ago.

Seriously, that’s how they sell it. And a lot of them are DEEPLY convinced that this is true. For the first time ever…if you look at things from their limited perspective, Trump is providing them with evidence of this.

He is throwing out crumbs, like all politicians do…but for the most part, Trump hasn’t even done that. Not even for his most ardent supporters. Trump has been exactly what I always knew he was, a sheisty multimillionaire, not slick enough to make it to the multi billionaire table, without some kind of crutch. The US presidency is his crutch…it’s kinda been working for him. He’s in good with the billionaire Saudis…he’s a protégée of Putin. He wants to learn how to pimp the hell out of a country…who better to teach that, than Putin? A master of that game.

The thing is…unlike Russia, America is already being pimped, by this huge oligarchy, that Trump isn’t a part of…and like you said, for the most part the Oligarchy does not care about Trump’s incompetence, no matter the amount extraordinary suffering, to human life, and the planet…and all other living inhabitants, he causes. They care not. That’s not really their concern.

But…they do care about the new world order, and how that impacts their bottom line. Not only that, the Oligarchy itself is changing and I imagine battling within itself for power.

Banks and old fossil fuel energy, is the old guard, fighting to maintain dominance against all the Tech giants with their drastic disruptions-with, Information, AI new clean energy. Who is gonna control the future of the planet? Exxon or Google?

Looks like Google is winning. Amazon too.

The new Oligarchy, wasn’t really feeling Trump, anyway. Even though they enabled his rise to power, unwittingly, I believe. But hey…they made a buck or two in the process!

Trump tried to play along with the old Oligarchy, but couldn’t keep that up, cause that would have required some deference on Trump’s part.

He was instead waiting on undying loyalty and deference from THEM. That was never gonna happen…so instead he went back to the base to get that stuff, but slowly is learning to keep the base happy, he’s gotta toss out some crumbs.

In Trump’s mind, I’m sure, he feels as if he is asking for so little! Give him what he wants! So he will continue to be loved and treated like a deity! Trump will fight till the death to retain that sort of adulation…and apparently, there are those in the base that know this…now they’ve become puppet masters of sorts…dictating the kinds of crumbs that will be thrown out.

But…the crumbs they’ve got Trump throwing out, are disrupting the new world order…and Trump may be too ill informed (or crazy) or both, to realize it.

This is a really dangerous game they’ve got Trump playing…and will they get the crazy wall? And at what cost? These antics are likely to lead to Trumps head on a proverbial platter…and then who will be their savior? Another Trump type? Where does this end…

Meanwhile, there are those of us who see through it all, the right, the left, the old Oligarchy and the new, the lack of sustainability of the current system…because of everything that is breaking down…no one has any real answers to these political problems.

But it is clear…the situation is not going to be what it was…

What do you do when the entire planet refuses to play the old games? You evolve. You sort of have to.

Working with the Light!