But I never said that. I was talking about genes. A diversity of genes leads to better humans, especially if it’s a diversity of good strong genes.

A diversity of ideas leads to better products. A lack of diversity of ideas will ruin a company.

It’s a broad word that covers so much stuff, so its idiotic to demonized the word diversity, which is like demonizing a word like air or nature. So when you attack the term “diversity” or even “diversity programming” you need to be specific, with regard to what the issue even is.

This Google employee wrote a memo that became widespread and controversial, no matter what he was writing about, that’s an act that is likely to lead to employment termination. Employers despise rogue and unpredictable actors and will seek to get rid of them, unless they are irreplaceable. Clearly he wasn’t.

But this guy apparently wrote a memorandum about the biological differences between women and men and coding. As opposed to being an “anti-diversity” memo, it sounds like that is more of an acknowledgment of diversity memo.

Men and women are different. And without those differences, there would be no procreation, no more babies, no more human race, so for the preservation of the species, these differences are good and necessary; and this is why I say it’s idiotic to attack the term diversity. It covers so much, and if you are anti-diversity — what are you against exactly? Well, everything.

Be against whatever you are against, pedaphiles-absolutely. But that just doesn’t have anything to do with diversity-or understanding the concept that when you mix unique things together, you can — when properly managed- end up with something far better than the sum of its parts. Men and women together produce more people. It’s not something that either gender can accomplish alone. Procreation requires diversity and lots of it.

This applies to so many things it would be ridiculous to try and list them all. Civilizations thrive off diversity. They thrive off of multiple cultures learning different concepts from one another to build something greater than the smaller individual cultures could accomplish alone.

It takes a huge diversity of skill sets to build a civilization. Cities are doing well in America, due in part to a proper management of diversity. Homogeneous rural America is in trouble, for many reasons but lack of diversity does not help.

A friend of mine is from a small rural town in Missouri, which was devastated by tornadoes about five years ago. She said she was shocked by the lack of ingenuity she encountered when people were attempting to solve the problems the natural disaster had created. I think she compared it to a city she’d been in, were the problem solving was far more resourceful when a natural disaster hit.

To blame diversity for anything is like blaming air. That word is too big for any ideological attack.

But people do attack because they associate it with multiculturalism or Affirmative Action or something perceived as being detrimental to white males. Well it’s not. That’s not what diversity is.

Diversification of a portfolio — do you really think you’re going to talk an investor out of that? No.

It’s the exact same thing with corporations. They want the diversification of many things, and a memo is not going to change that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!