But isn’t it, if they are not subjected to the same level of vitriol? And, God! Like it’s beyond feminism, or Dem or Pub, or any other label you want to mess with. For me, it’s about just being decent and fair to a human being. Just because they are awful, doesn’t mean you have to be awful too.

There are just far too many people who hate her, for being a typical politician. And they all do the things that she has done. Dems and Pubs , since the founding of this country. We dropped an atomic bomb on Japan for shits and giggles - and you really want to tell me she is the most evil politician to have ever walked the halls of the Capitol Building?!!

And I hear what you are saying, her hands are not clean. I get it. By now, I am sure she gets it. No she doesn’t publicly admitted, name one of them who ever did. In her private life, she might be Lady Macbeth, talking about out spot-out. Or, she might be Claire from house of Cards, killing people on a whim, and it don’t faze her. So I hear you saying, what she has done must be called out and hasn’t it????

Like Jesus H Christ! I feel like I have been listening to: “Lock her up!” For over a year now! Just ENOUGH! And they really thought Trump was gonna do it — please! They both attended the same parties held at the home of a well known billionaire pedaphile provider, (and no one wants to touch that- but it’s true.) So what does that tell you? Souls clogged with filth and grime, the both of them, probably and probably in cahoots. I am sick of it. As much as both their political antics disgusts me, I can’t really hate either one…and sometimes I feel sorry for Trump too, because I’m human.

I am a huge GoT fan…precisely because it captures today’s political machinations. And Hillary is much like Cersei…Cersei is frickin awful…but how did she get that way. Maybe because of this:

AND THAT’S WHAT YALL ARE DOING TO HILLARY CLINTON. Like ENOUGH! Two wrongs don’t make a right! What message are you sending to all the women and girls of the realm? I mean really.

Working with the Light!