But it is the global reality…one you evidently just can’t cope with…good luck trying to beat back Mother Nature, who’s just driven to nonstop mix it up. You are going the way of the dinosaur man…we all are really, but you’re just pissy cause you are first up on the extinction block.

The more hardier, swirly mutt types, are gonna be along a bit longer…but not much longer if Mother Nature has her way -and she will.

The earth is DONE, with you and your KIND. And what kind is that you, ask? Your are so self-absorbed, you probably think I mean white men. And it looks like, indeed, y’all are first up. But really I mean, mankind, humanity, human life on this earth? About done.


Asians will be the last men standing…it’s obvious. There are billions of them…quietly exploding in their population…quietly moving all over the globe and doing their thing. Want a glimpse at the future? Read Cloud Atlas. Diversity in humanity is totally gonna flip, it’s all gonna reverse. David Mitchell is a white man who can write his ass off AND predict the future.

And his kids are gonna be swirly…or as you would say “diverse.”

Working with the Light!

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